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Connoiseurs Choice

Patsy’s Connoisseur’s Choice collection is the perfect gift for gourmet candy-lovers. All Connoisseur’s Choice gift boxes include Patsy’s assorted chocolates made with fresh, fine ingredients. Every piece exquisitely made with pride. Choose a combination of rich buttery toffee with its golden center dipped in thick milk chocolate and topped off with a generous coating of roasted first quality almond, or fresh delicious nuts, or both for the ultimate indulgence. A pleasure to give and pure joy.

Connoisseur's Choice - 2lb. (1lb Assorted Chocolates, 1lb Nuts) - $43.95
A full pound each of Patsys fine chocolates and fresh nuts. The perfect blend.

Connoisseur's Choice - 2lb. (1lb Assorted Chocolates, 1lb Toffee) - $43.95
A full pound each of fine handmade Chocolates and Rocky Mountain Almond Toffee

Connoisseur's Choice - 2lb. (1lb Chocolate, 8 oz Nuts, 8 oz Toffee) - $43.95
A full pound of chocolate, a half pound of Rocky Mountain Almond Toffee and a half pound of Fresh Nuts.

Connoisseur's Choice - 2lb. (2lb Assorted Chocolates) - $43.95
2 pounds of Patsys gourmet Assorted Chocolates. Fine handmade chocolates make the perfect gift and luxurious treat.

Connoisseur's Choice - 3lb. (1lb Chocolate, 1lb Nuts, 1lb Toffee) - $66.95
The Ultimate gift for the gourmet chocolate lover. This gift box includes a full pound each Patsys fine handmade chocolates, Almond Toffee and Fresh Nuts. The perfect fine chocolate gift.

Patsy's Pride of the Rockies Almond Toffee 32 oz. Gift Box - $43.95
2 pounds of Patsys Almond Toffee.